Solar Savings Are Real

Solar Power Savings

Solar Power Savings

Installing solar panels is a long-term investment with a better return than your IRA. You’re not just paying an electric bill anymore; you’re investing money into your future. Governmental regulations are forcing utility prices up. You can lock in your electricity price now by choosing solar. Solar power also adds value to your home. Homes with solar panels statistically have increased property values and sell higher.

As the price of energy rises, many residential and commercial property owners are exploring alternatives. Solar is proving to be the most financially beneficial and enduring option for southwest Missouri

Federal income tax credits

Federal income tax credits are also available for solar systems. These tax credits are not deductions, but rather lower your tax liability dollar-for-dollar and equal 26% of your final cost basis. Commercial installations may also qualify for grant money in lieu of the credits. Skywire Electrical Systems has the knowledge and experience to advise you on your solar panel installation and we are licensed and certified at the highest level of certification.