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3 Things to Know About Net Metering in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa

Posted by James Bartley on Jul 8, 2019 10:11:19 PM

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1. Size and Time allotted for the utility company to take care of your net metering paperwork, In Missouri currently as of 2019, if you are installing a 10kw or less solar system then the utility company has 30 days to complete the pre-approval process. If your solar system is over 10kw DC rating then the utility company can take up to 90 days. after having the utility approval the majority of AHJ's in our area require that approval letter before we are allowed to apply for the permit. The permitting process past that point can be just a few days or a few weeks. 

2. It is important that your solar installer that is submitting the net metering application cross there T's and dot there I's figuratively speaking. Don't give the utility company any reasons to hang up your net metering application because that could potentially get you kicked to the back of the line, and the more applications that you turn in that are perfect the more the utility company begins to trust your companies name. Your solar installer should be focusing on building good relationships with your utility companies to help move things along quicker. 

3. The utility company can actually tell you that your solar system is to large and reduce the system size that you are applying for. In some very rare cases the solar may back-feed enough power on the grid and if you were say on the end of the utility line in the spring and fall months when you may be more prone to producing more than you are using this would be back feeding the grid, this may cause a voltage rise on the utility lines that are out side of the acceptable parameters. We have personally had this happen to us one time and we had to reduce the system size on the application to stay within that particular utility companies guidelines. It is NEVER wise to install a solar system before you have the approval from the utility company for this very reason.

We have dealt with a lot of utility companies over the years and there are definitely a few that are super fast and there are also a few jurisdictions of Liberty that like to utilize the Full 90 days. 

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