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How much solar do I need for my house in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa?

Posted by James Bartley on Jul 26, 2019 5:26:00 PM

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Solar Flair Ep. 5 how much solar

Speaker 1: Welcome to Solar Flair. The number one question we hear all the time, how much solar do I need?

Speaker 1: So when you're sizing your solar system, it comes down to two things, panel location and how much energy do you actually use. Let's go into a little more detail about these points. Solar panel location. If our solar array was facing due east versus south, which is optimal, we might need about 20% more solar panels depending on the actual tilt of the roof. So the panel location really has a lot to do with it. Due south, beautiful, less panels. East, west combo, might have more panels.

Speaker 1: Number two, every home has a different footprint of consumption. You might have a family of eight versus a family of, well, two and then you might have an energy efficient house or you might have a house with no insulation whatsoever. So you have two different lifestyles, two completely different worlds. So more usage, less usage, more solar panels required, less solar panels required. That's it. Thank you for joining us on this episode of Solar Flair, and not the explosion kind.

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