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November 16, 2017

How much solar does my house need?

 The number one question that we are asked, is "how much solar does my 1,500 sq/ft home need?" 

Every home is different, every home is unique, your home may have all gas appliances and heating sources with great insulation, your neighbors home may be from the 1900's with poor insulation and all electric appliances. To combat this diversity in the realm of energy consumption, we approach each home as a unique project.

We start with needing one utility bill that shows the whole year at a glance bar graph, or all 12 months of utility records. This will give us a good idea for your consumption. If you are looking into the future and are going to make any major life changes such as kids going to college, home additions, energy efficiency upgrades, or similar decisions that affect your energy consumption, we take this in to consideration as well.

Once we plug in your data to our software, we are able to size your system appropriately. And like always for the Skywire team, if we can keep it off your roof and on the ground we will recommend this at the same cost or cheaper, ultimately giving you the best ROI.

If you would like to get a good idea for your self on how much solar you need then check out the following website, I will have a follow up post on how to use this website.



James Bartley

Solar and Generator Division Coordinator

Skywire Solar

Solar and Generator Division Coordinator

Skywire Solar

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