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How to know if solar is a smart investment in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa

Posted by James Bartley on Jul 16, 2019 1:47:24 PM

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Episode2 How to know if solar is a smart investment before you spend a dime

00:00                               Today, how to know if solar is a smart investment before you ever spend a dime. This is going to be faster than a Chuck Norris karate chop, because we don't want you to get bored.

00:08                               When it comes to knowing and understanding whether it's a smart investment or not, the biggest thing you want to do is have an energy consultant come out and take a look at the property with you.

00:39                               What we're going to do, is we're going to take a look at those utility bills and those records to see how much usage you have, and pair that up with a 3D rendering of your home that checks for the shading analysis, checks for which directions your roof face to how well they're going to perform, and also the tilt of your roof. There's a lot to be said with that.

00:54                               Sometimes a ground mount option is actually going to be smarter. But the only way to take those into account is to actually have the sun come through and do an actual path around your property to show you what trees are affecting it, what roof surfaces, if you have dormers on your house, so on and so forth that might shape perspective parts of your roof.

01:12                               The smart thing is, is taking all this analysis and tying it in to see how well this solar system would perform, is how much money it's going to save you and how fast it would return on investment to make it smart or not.


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