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Tips and Tools to know if your house qualifies for solar.

Posted by James Bartley on Jul 16, 2019 4:17:50 PM

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Episode1 tips to see if your house qualifies for solar

00:00                                     Today, we're going to give you some tips and tools to help you know if your house qualifies for solar, faster than your next turn at the drive through because we don't want you to get bored.

00:22                                     One, two... one, two, three [inaudible 00:00:31]

00:31                                     So let's dive in. The first thing to look at to know whether you're going to have benefit from solar for your property is look at your utility rates. If you have a big high utility rate per kilowatt hour used, obviously you're going to stand to save a lot of money. If it's a little bit lower, it may not. You just need to have someone tell you for sure how that's going to affect you.

00:48                                     The next thing I want to show you guys is a tool, it's called Sun Seeker. It's 9.99, you can get it for Apple and or Android. And what it's going to do is actually allow you to track the sun through the different months out of the year, whether it's summer, whether it's winter, and then you'll be able to see whether there's trees that might be around you which shade you array, or whether your home might shade an array, or how the trees would shade the roof. Really simple, great investment for 10 bucks to know before even anyone comes out here and tries to tell you anything about solar, to know whether you do qualify.

01:16                                     After that, the best thing you can do is get an energy consultant out to your property to tell you exactly how those things are going to affect you. Just because there's shade doesn't mean it's detrimental to your loss, so make sure to get a consultant to come out and give you an actual forecast for the next years of what it would do for you.

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